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Reparto Corse Racing - Finding Balance

You might wonder how car racing is related to bike fitting.

It's not in a mechanical way, but in order to go fast we need to be comfortable, confident and balanced.

Balance is not something that we think about in a car. It has four wheels to provide a stable platform, but stomp on the gas or hit the brakes hard and you'll know when balance has been lost. Learning to feel how much weight is on each tire is the process for driving balance.

On the bike balance comes easily with motion. It's both left and right and front to back. In a bike fitting I am searching for the correct position that balances the rider's weight from front to back. When it's off a rider will fatigue sooner. It could manifest as pain in the lower back or tension higher up in the neck or shoulders.

Want to learn more? Want to check out the track? Give me a shout.

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