About Reparto Corse

      Reparto Corse means racing department, but you don't have to be a racer to be part of this Reparto. All you have to do is like to roll in or on your bike, moto, or car...I'm super happy when I'm rolling any of them.

     Cycling is about more than the sum of the collected parts it takes to make a bike - it's about the rider and a bike fitting perfected to help you get where you want to go!

     I offer professional bike fitting, building, and coaching. I stand behind my work. Fitting costs $200 including 12 months of consultation.

     I've fit more than 3,000 riders over the last 25+ years. The process is my own blend of what I have taken form training with the Fit Kit system, Serotta, and master fitter, Michael Sylvester. My coaching is about technique and efficiency so you can ride smarter, not harder. Out of the fitting studio and at the race track I serve as the lead for driver instruction with the National Auto Sport Association's Northeast region. With the help of our dedicated team of coaches, I teach the techniques drivers need to learn to be safe and fast! 

    If you want to enjoy your riding and driving more please contact me at repartocorse09@gmail.com to start a conversation.


 - Ed Cangialosi

Owner, Reparto Corse


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