The Reparto Corse Fitting Process

Bike Fitting is an art and science. The perfect bike fit and building a dream ride depends on getting the details right. Reach your cycling goals in style!
Strategy  Conversation

The first element in your bike fitting is our conversation. To me this is the most important part. Our conversation provides direction and context for why you need a bike fitting, what we want to address and helps set our goal whether we are fitting your existing bike or buiding you a new dream ride. Your comfort and efficiency are always the bottom line.


Bike Selection

Reparto Corse works with a select group of artisan frame builders from Italy and America. I have worked with many of them for 20 years. Clients choose to have me build a bike because a friend recommended me. In a world of sames my selection of vendors is unique and truly wonderful; Calfee, Carrera, Casati, Independent Fabrication, Tommasini, and more.




In the second part of your bike fitting I measure your bike to check frame size, saddle height, reach from saddle to bars, stem length and height difference between your saddle and stem height. Afte that I measure you for size, flexibility and range of motion. Shoulder width, inseam, foot length, and height are taken followed by fore-foot tilt, range of motion and flexibility as it pertains to cycling.


Ride Coaching

Ride technique is an important part of being a complete cyclist. The roads and trails north of New York City are picturesque and great for training on the road in a dynamic setting.


Ride coaching can be done one on one or in small groups.



Final Fit

You and your bike are brought together on the Computrainer for pedal stroke analysis in the last part of your bike fitting. As you pedal I observe how you sit, your reach and pedal stroke. I check cleat position, fore/aft setback, knee angle, arm, wrist and neck angles. Adjustments are made as necessary to optimize your center of gravity and set an optimal reach for comfort and efficiency.

Fitness Testing

If you train with power and/or a heart rate monitor then you need to test to set your baseline and training zones or you are not getting the most out of your training tools. Aerobic threshold testing, power testng and fitnes testing wil get you set for the season and beyond.