It all starts with a conversation. To get the most from your fitting or your track day we need to talk about where you’ve been and what you want to accomplish.


Our fitting conversation will be followed by measuring you, checking your ride related range of motion, and getting baseline measurements of your bike before putting the two of you together on the Computrainer for rider position adjustment and pedal stroke analysis.
Track day coaching is unlike any other discipline. In my coaching I seek to discover and utilize the transferable skills that the driver brings to the track from their life and work to get them up to speed as quickly as possible. Advanced skill discussion and data analysis are part of process that leads to a successful track day.


 Bike Fitting

  Driver Coaching
Technique is an important part of being a complete cyclist. The roads and trails north of New York City are picturesque and great for training on the road in a dynamic setting.

Ride coaching can be done one on one or in small groups. 

 Ride Coaching