Going Racing!

Winter, schminter. We’re going driving. We’re going racing!

There’s a lot of blah blah blah about to be unleashed on whole rooms of unsuspecting folks who turn up to have a good time driving. A few might think they want to race but most of them just want to enjoy the day. I will try not to bore them, but I enjoy having an audience and trying to get a reaction.

I like coaching – sort of the reason for my occasional typing. I also enjoy racing. It’s been a couple of years since I’ve raced because the car’s drivetrain needed to be refreshed. It’s in better shape now andI get to practice all the blah blah blah I preach in the classroom to the novices. This will be my twentieth year at the track and lucky thirteenth racing.

When I started driving on the track it was a dream come true. Driving on the same bits of asphalt as the greats of the who raced from the 1950’s on was better than I hoped it would be, or imagined it could be. The racetrack is my happiest place despite the normal expenses or the crashes of which there have only been a few.

Many if not most of the drivers who come to our track days aren’t up for racing wheel to wheel. You can imagine why – something about not wanting to get hurt or go broke from those expenses I mentioned. Some prefer time trialing which is competing for the fastest lap time in your class but not racing against another car for position. If you spin or even put a wheel off the track your times don’t count so time trialing requires more precision and care. Some just like to drive and could care less about competing. Some act like they like to compete, but in my observation when the sun is out and the road is straight anybody can act like a hero. That’s not to be mean. There’s always a bigger fish with more horsepower and horsepower can cover up bad habits if not bad attitudes pretty well.

This year I’ll race, instruct students one to one in their cars and teach class on the days we don’t have racing. There have been times when driving felt frustrating and times when it just wasn’t fun because I just didn’t have my mind right about what I was doing. Coming back to race will really be about playing and how can you not be happy when you’re playing?

See you out there.