At Reparto Corse my mission is to make sure you and  your bike are in perfect harmony every time out. - Owner, Ed Cangialosi


...whether your perfect ride is classic steel or carbon as light as a feather;  single speed or electric shifting, your best option is an optimized fit on handmade rolling sculpture built by Reparto Corse with the finest components.


Be the most comfortable and efficient possible every time you turn the cranks.

Bike Fitting, Reparto Corse
Bike Fitting, Reparto Corse
Bike Fitting, Reparto Corse
          My Experience


I have fit thousands of riders over the past 20 years. The knowledge I've gained is integrated with up-to-date fitting technology to create the best fit possible for you. The fitting is always tailored to fit your goals.

     Why get a Fitting?


Proper bike fit will make you comfortable and efficient. Whatever your goals are there is no substitute for a properly fitted bike. A less than optimal bike fit can cause injury and certainly make you less inclined to ride.


  Time & Money


A Reparto Corse fitting averages 90 minutes and is completed when you are satisfued. The price is $200 and includes 12 months of consultation. Parts like a new stem or saddle for example, are additional.

My Mission

Hey Ed,


Just wanted to send a note that I love the new rides great and is super comfortable. 


Thanks again - just loving the new bike!



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